Northstar Standard Housewares List

One- through Four-Bedroom Northstar Standard Housewares

Baking Dishes Frypans Pitcher, Plastic 
Basting Brush Glasses, Small Pizza Cutter
Blender Glasses, Tall Pizza Pan
Bottle Opener Grater  Placemats
Bowls, Salad Guest Safe Plates, Dinner
Bowls with Lids, Glass Hairdryer(s) Platic Cups 
Bowls, Large Cereal Hangers  Plunger & Toilet Brush Set(s)
Bowls, Small Cereal Hangers w/ Skirt Clips  Pot Holders
Broom & Dustpan  Humidifier(s) Roasting Pan with Rack
Bucket/Pail Ice Bucket/Wine Cooler Salad Serving Set
Can Opener Ice Cream Scooper Serving Tray
Casserole Dish  Iron Sponges with Scrubber Back 
Clock Radios  Ironing Board Spoon/Spatula
Coasters   Kitchen Towels Spoons, Oval Soup
Coffee Gold Filter Kitchen Wastebasket Spoons, Serving
Coffee Grinder Knife Block Set Stainless Steel 2-Prong Fork 
Coffee Mugs Knife, Cocktail Spreader Stainless Steel Ladle 
Coffeemaker Knifes, Table Stainless Steel Pasta Server 
Colander Laundry Basket(s) Stainless Steel Slotted Spoon 
Cookie Sheet Locking Tong, 12"  Stainless Steel Spoon 
Cookware Set: 7-pc Set Luncheon Plates, Luncheon Stainless Steel Turner 
Cooling Rack Martini Glasses Sugar Bowl
Cordless Phone(s)  Martini Shaker Teakettle
Corkscrew Measuring Cup  Teaspoons
Cutting Boards Measuring Cup Set  Toaster
Dish Brush Measuring Spoon Set Utensil Holder
Dish Cloth Mop Vacuum Cleaner 
Electric Hand Mixer Oval Serving Platter(s) Vanity Mirror(s)
Fire Extinguisher Oven Mitts Vegetable Peeler
Food Processor Paper Towel Holder Whisk
Forks, Dessert/Salad Pie Plate Wine Glasses
Forks, Dinner Pitcher, Glass Wood Mixing Spoon


Kitchenette Housewares List

Bottle Opener Glasses, Wine Plates, Luncheon
Bowl, Glass with Lid Guest Safe Plunger & Brush Set
Bowls, Cereal  Hairdryer Pot Holders
Broom & Dustpan  Hangers Saucepan
Can Opener Hangers w/ Skirt Clips Serving Tray
Clock Radio  Humidifier Spatula
Coasters  Ice Bucket/Wine Cooler Sponges w/ Scrubber Back 
Coffee Gold Filter Iron Spoons, Oval Soup
Coffee Mugs Ironing Board Stainless Steel Ladle
Coffeemaker (4-Cup) Kitchen Towels Stainless Steel Slotted Spoon
Colander Kitchen Wastebasket Stainless Steel Spoon
Corkscrew Knifes, Table Stainless Steel Turner
Cutting Board  Laundry Basket Steak Knifes
Dish Cloth Measuring Cup Teakettle
Fire Extinguisher Measuring Spoon Set Teaspoons
Forks, Dessert/Salad Oven Mitts Toaster Oven
Forks, Dinner Paper Towel Holder Utensil Holder
Frypan Phone Vacuum Cleaner
Glasses, Small Placemats Vanity Mirror
Glasses, Tall Plates, Dinner