Old Greenwood Standard Housewares

Old Greenwood - Cabins & Townhomes

Appliances   Utensils
Blender   Clear Spatula
Coffee Maker   Can Opener
Toaster   Bottle Opener/Corkscrew
Plates/Bowls   Measuring Spoon Set
Dinner Plates   Measuring Cup Set
Salad Plates   Salad Server Set
Small Bowls   Basting Spoon
Oval Platter   Spatula
Serving Bowl - 24.6-oz.   Slotted Spoon
Glass Salad Bowl   Whisk
Flatware   Vegetable Peeler
Table Knives   Garlic Press
Dinner Forks   Tongs
Salad Forks   Pizza Cutter 
Soup Spoons   Wooden Spoon
Teaspoons   Scissors (in drawer or knife block)
Steak Knives (or full Knife Block)   Grater/Shredder
Serving Spoon   Ice Cream Scoop
Butter Knife   On the Counter
Paring Knife (or in Knife Block)   Coasters (set of 6)
Roast Slicer (or in Knife Block)   Teakettle
Chef's Knife (or in Knife Block)   Paper Towel Holder
Glasses/Cups   Salt and Peppermill Set
Small Glasses   Creamer (may be in cabinet)
Large Glasses   Sugar Bowl (may be in cabinet)
Small Tumblers   Flashlight
Large Tumblers    
Wine Glasses   In Cabinets
Coffee Mugs   Baking Dish
Linens   Covered Casserole Dish
Oven Mitt   Colander
Pot Holders   Cutting Board
Dishtowels   Fire Extinguisher
Placemats   French Glass Bowl - small
BBQ   French Glass Bowl - medium
BBQ Fork   French Glass Bowl - large
BBQ Spatula   Pitcher
BBQ Tongs   Glass Measuring Cup
BBQ Scraper   Skillet - medium
    Skillet - large
Under Oven    Saucepan - small
Cookie Sheet   Saucepan - large
Cooling Rack   Rubbermaid - small
Broiler Pan   Rubbermaid - medium
    Rubbermaid - large
Under Sink   Stock Pot
Cleaning/Utility   Closet linens
Broom   Blankets
Dustpan   Pillows
Ironing Board   Garage
Toilet Plunger   Broom (wide)
Vacuum   Shovel
Bathroom   Remotes
Hair Dryer   Living Room
Soap dish   Master Bedroom (upstairs)
Vanity Tray    
Tissue Box Cover   Printed Materials
Wastebasket (bathroom)   In-Residence Compendium
Makeup mirror (master)   Operating Guide
Clock Radio    
Hangers- Men's    
Hangers - Women's    
Luggage Rack    
Wastebaskets (bedroom)