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Lake Tahoe/Truckee Facts and Stats

The Weather...

In the town of Truckee, California summer temperatures range on average between a low of 40 degrees and a high of 79 degrees. Many locals move to this area because of the phenomenal winter recreational opportunities but stay because of our summers. We have very little humidity and mostly sunny skies all season long. Occasionally sunny, summer skies may give way to thundershowers, catching some people by surprise. In most cases, these showers don't last long and serve to cool off the area. It's always a great idea when visiting Truckee and the Lake Tahoe area in the summer to bring a light sweater or sweatshirt as well as a bit heavier wrap for the evenings. It's also good to know that weather can also vary or change rapidly from lake-level (6,225 ft) to the top of the surrounding mountain peaks (10,880 ft). Believe it or not, the Lake Tahoe area has experienced snowfall in every month of the year although it is more on the rare side in July and August.  

During the winter, temperatures range on average between a low of 17 degrees and a high of 42 degrees. Average total snowfall is 201 inches. Average total precipitation is 30 inches. Many of the ski resorts at higher elevations eincluding Northstar California expect an average of over 350 inches of snow annually and snow can stay late in the season.

Ever Wonder How Lake Tahoe Was Formed...

About 2 million years ago, a shift in tectonic plates caused the Tahoe Basin to drop down between the Sierra crest to the west and the Carson range to the east. Volcanic activity, also caused by the tectonic shifts, led to expulsion of magma up through the faults, filling in gaps and damming the valley.
Ten thousand years ago, at the time of the last ice age, individual glaciers formed at the area’s highest elevations, on the north, west and south ends of the Lake. Movement by the glaciers scoured out basins and formed Donner Lake, Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake, which sits up and to the West of Lake Tahoe.
Today, erosion and weathering is causing a slow, undetectable lowering of the Sierra, the mountain range that houses Tahoe. It is believed that Lake Tahoe is filling in with sediment at a rate of one foot every 3,200 years, so that in 3,158,400 years the lake will be replaced by a meadow.

 What About Now...

With a total population of 65,000 and approximately 3 million visitors each year,the Lake Tahoe Basin remains the same awe-inspiring place that drew the Washoe Indians here 10 thousand years ago. Tourism booms as the area’s main source of income, while visitors and locals alike bask in the outdoor and indoor recreational options available at every turn. North Lake Tahoe and Truckee continue to produce nationally ranked athletes year after year; the rich and famous continue to flock here; and the wildlife continues to abound. Most importantly though, the Lake remains an icon of American history, tradition and values. We see the beauty and ourselves in its reflection; we hope you’ll take the time to look as you find yourself here...See you soon!


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