Guests staying with Tahoe Mountain Resorts Lodging six nights or longer receive a complimentary Mid-Stay clean on the fourth day of their visit. Guests staying less than six nights may purchase Towel & Tidy service or a Mid-Stay clean if they would like housekeeping services provided during their visit. 

Towel & Tidy service consists of a towel change if needed, bed making with the existing sheets, trash removal and the start of the dishwasher. A Mid-Stay clean includes bed making with clean sheets, a towel change, trash removal, dishwasher start, counters wiped down and a vacuum if needed. A 24-hour notice is required to guarantee housekeeping services will be scheduled. It is preferred that all housekeeping requests are made at the time of booking.

Housekeeping fees are based on the services provided and the size of the residence occupied. The 2013 Housekeeping Fee Schedule* is listed below. Requests for these services not made at the time of booking may be sent in writing to or

Residence Type                                            Mid-Stay Clean                                    Towel & Tidy

Suite/Studio                                                            $56                                                           $20

1 Bed/ 1 Bath                                                             $87                                                           $25 

2 Bed/ 2 Bath                                                            $139                                                         $35

3 Bed/3 Bath                                                             $218                                                         $40

4 Bed/4 Bath                                                             $284                                                         $45

Great Bear 3 Bed/ 3 Bath                                   $243                                                         $45

Great Bear 4 Bed/ 4 Bath                                   $288                                                         $50


*10% tax will be applied to all housekeeping fees.