Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt. Caches contain treasure, usually toys or other little trinkets.
Using handheld GPS (global positioning system) devices, geocachers test terrain and intellectual prowess by searching for caches. There are over 900,000 caches waiting to be found.  At Northstar Resort, there are 7 caches hidden, ranging  from beginner to advanced sites.  Search for caches located throughout the Northstar Resort's trail  system.

GPS Rentals These can be rented from The North Face in The Village

  • How Does the Game Work? Cache locations are rated as easy (green circle), intermediate (blue square), or advanced (black diamond). Dial the cache coordinates of your choice into the GPS, three- to four satellites will lock onto your position, then guide you to the cache location.  Northstar-at-Tahoe™ Resort’s caches (rustic ammo cans) contain a log book and trinkets. See who has come before you and add your name to the log book, and please follow the "take-a-trinket, leave-a-trinket" rule.